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Dreams of an Absolution Duet Dreams of an Absolution Duet

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Perfect music, perfect remix

When I saw the youtube version, I thought that it was nearly perfect. Now that I see this version, I think it's just perfect (even if I think it's a shame that you have to change the pitch to change from a voice to another, but I find very good the parts when they sing together). It made me even more addicted to this song. And yes, you have to be proud of this!

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IsaacGaretMia responds:

Wow. It's been forever since i logged in to Newgrounds to look at this... last i checked it had a score of 3 and no reviews... Now... I'm just so happy.

If only i was better at working with FL studio, i might be able to synth my own version, and not have to rely on the original... But oh well. I'm happy with this one.

Thanks for the review!

Radidsh's Special Stage Track Radidsh's Special Stage Track

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Sonic has got a Chaos Emerald... and Radidsh a fan

It would fit perfectly in a video game. Too bad it got cancelled.

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Radidsh responds:

I hoped it would, I am happy with how the track turned out, though perhaps it could have been a little bit longer. I also still have the rest of the (unfinished) soundtrack if you would be interested. I am not feeling like uploading it here though, probably would not be well-received by Newgrounds as they are low-quality (made by text and all, heh).

Thanks! =3

Joyful Aura Joyful Aura

Rated 5 / 5 stars

too perfect

I have seen your pokemon GSC remix and this one. Impression: You Are Perfectness. You have really got talent for making music.

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Radidsh responds:

Oh, wow, hehehe, really? I am speechless, thanks a dozen! I really am happy you are enjoying this song (was actually merely meant for a test project to be trashed, glad I did not just delete it then!) I do still have a long way to go within music making, but your kind words do mean a lot to me, really. Thank you! =D

Pokemon Johto Gym Leader Fight Pokemon Johto Gym Leader Fight

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I wrote "pure win" in google and it went directly to this page. You just transformed the original great music in something even greater, but keeping what was good from the original. If you continue to be this good, you will become NG king!

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Radidsh responds:

Googling "Pure Win" got you here? Wut? XD

In this and my first couple of projects related to Pokémon, I did my very best to pinpoint notes, keep things as original as possible and that way preserve nostalgia.

In my later projects, like New Bark Town and next ones, I try to improve my methods and skills in music, making things sound a little more fancy and adding effects and so, simultaneously not focusing on getting every single note the way they originally were, but adding my own touch, though still giving great efforts trying to preserve the nostalgia.

I am very glad how you feel about this project of mine, and also the rest of the projects you have reviewed! I am deeply grateful, it does mean a lot of me that listeners are enjoying my projects, it is why I keep on doing this, to hopefully give listeners some nostalgia and have them enjoy, indeed!

I won't become a "king" of any means, haha, but thank you for the very kind words. I am glad you liked my projects, thanks! ^__^

Pokemon Champion Battle G/S/C Pokemon Champion Battle G/S/C

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Even if the first pokemon game I have played was pokemon Ruby, i admit GSC is probably the best one at least in terms of soundtrack (I bought it when I was 6 because I was curious why the game was so big compared to the GBA games and I loved it, and sill love it now). As the original was great, to remix it you take big responsability, and the result is MAGISTRAL.

PS. I think the best pokemon GSC theme is the bicycle theme. It's partly because i loved so much the music that i bought Pokemon Soul Silver. If it's possible, could you please remix that one too? I'm sure it would be great (after listening to your pokemon GSC remixes I saw how good you are)! Please feel free to refuse if you don't want or if you are too busy.

PS.2 Sorry if I used bad English!

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Radidsh responds:

I really loved the Pokémon GSC too, and particularly its very awesome soundtrack. For some reason (also long before Heartgold/Soulsilver were even announced), I just felt like trying to recreate nostalgia into separate noticeable instruments.

My first two projects, the Trainer Battle theme and Gym Leader/Elite Four Battle theme, were merely intended for myself, but eventually I felt like posting them on YouTube (later here) as I was tired of making projects and never doing anything about them, you know what i mean? Heh!

This very project was made as a response to a request, which is why I particularly find it really great that it was so well-received by several. I am very happy to hear that you enjoyed this, it is really what keeps my motivation going, that someone actually do enjoy! Thank you so much!

I am very flattered to receive a request. I am happy, thank you! The bicycle theme, hm? Sure, why not? If you feel I would do decently on that project, then gladly! I shall hopefully start it sometime soon and do my best. =)

I have a long way yet to go within music, but I am practising and hopefully improving somewhat over time. Also, do not worry; your English is fine. ;)

Tetris on Crack Tetris on Crack

Rated 5 / 5 stars

It killed me with my headphones at high volume

That is a really cool mess-up (in the good way) of the original! Even a deaf could hear this remix! How do you make such (funny) masterpieces?

EchozAurora responds:

Glitchy glitch glitch chop crank tempo glitch moar.

Something like that.

Pokémon Johto Rival Battle Pokémon Johto Rival Battle

Rated 5 / 5 stars


A must for any GSC fan!

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Radidsh responds:


Thamks, that's really sweet. I am honored that you liked it! =3

(I do not know what to do next, so if you or someone else who reads this have a Pokémon track you would like to hear in my style here to do a project of, feel free to suggest! ^__^)

Thanks again!

MariosStarMan MariosStarMan

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is a great alternative to the real Starman! Good Job!

--Super Kirby Compilation!-- --Super Kirby Compilation!--

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is incredible

Why isn't this voted 5/5 by everyone?

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Paper Mario: TTYD Final battle Paper Mario: TTYD Final battle

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I listened at it with my headphones and I was so terryfiedI wanted to cry!